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I Shoot First (That’s What She Said)

Yay, a blog.

Okay, now that we’re all here I can get started. Why would two upstanding gentlemen like Alex and myself start a “blog” when I personally am not even comfortable with the term itself? Though I cannot speak for Alex, I personally have some specific reasons for doing this.

The first is a psychological need to dispense opinion on various media. This need derives from having done this everyday in class for the last 4 years and now having no classroom in which to do it in. I was trained to look at any story (or piece of art, for that matter) through numerous lenses at every encounter and this has left me with a lot of unused ideas since graduation. This type of thought will be my focus here. With this site I not only have the ability to dispense this thought but also to respond to outside insight or counter arguments.

The second reason is that this forum provides an opportunity to practice my craft without the sheer terror of submitting something I’ve edited and re-edited for months. Though I intend to produce valuable work for this page, it does not need to be anything the world cries out for.

Now that my intent is clear, let me tell you what I won’t do. I do not intend to post any fiction here. My work in that area is far too long, plus it will scuttle the intended format of the page. I also will not vent about anything personal here. If I feel the need to do so, I will complain about my problems in another forum.

Alright, I feel better now that I have the first entry done and I am sure you are much relieved to have a clear explanation of what will go on here. I promise to make my next contribution more entertaining. See you real soon!



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