Infinite, Round Table – Vol.1

Hey kids

In my continued effort to bring valuable work to this blog while juggling my other responsibilities, I failed to produce a full entry this week. I’m about half way through my first draft and it looks like it is going to work out, but due to the complexity of the topic, its going to take me a few more days to get to a draft I’m comfortable publishing. I take what I post on here very seriously and would not want to rush a piece to make a deadline that isn’t there. I can promise that this piece will be something very special and unique, and I hope the wait is worth it. That said,  I had an idea at the beginning of this that didn’t quite work because literally no one was reading it (sometimes logic escapes me), but I believe we have the readership (and the quality of readership) to start posing questions to you.

So, here’s topic #1:

When adapting an existing story, should the adaptation’s reverence to the source material have a direct relationship to the current popularity and relevance of the work?

Vinny’s Thoughts:

I believe that it is fair to modify less popular and/or relevant narratives more radically than those that have maintained their place. Many characters who previously had little importance have been saved through that method. However, those are rare cases and do not make up the majority of  adaptations. There is rarely a valid reason to adapt anything that is not relevant in the first place. Additionally, I am often disturbed by Hollywood’s penchant for praising a story, buying the rights to make a feature film of it and then telling a totally different story in the film.  Aside from the task of reinvigorating a dying property, which typically is more of a business decision anyway, the question really should be whether something is worth adapting in the first place.

Okay, your turn.


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One response to “Infinite, Round Table – Vol.1

  1. corti

    well i believe that 90% of the time it is not needed to change the source material to make a good adaptation, but in the other 10 % are the stories that cant be made in a successful way or the story’s so old it has to be a little modernized or even something that is so well known that to give fans and people who haven’t seen/read/watched a treat they change things so its not predictable.

    A good example to this is the first resident evil they take the basic story and they change it in a way that people who have played the games wont know whats gonna happen and so they will have the same shock and awe as the regular movie goer

    a bad example would be doom they took two things from the game which were the title and the fps(first Person Shooter) and mangled the story so bad that the one good part of the movie is lack luster and forgettable i still think that more movie studios should work with a fps camera like doom did that one scene was pretty well made but because the story wasn’t there the movie failed, i mean all they needed was hell and then at least i wouldn’t have to cringe when i say the name lol

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